Making yourself indispensable is not a good thing

Ok first I’ll start with the disclaimers => “Nobody’s indispensible”, “The world turns without you” etc. etc.  However I seem to be doing a lot of things wrong – I’ve turned myself into someone that everyone else thinks is indispensible.

I’m not SuperWoman but I am a relatively organised person…..well perhaps it would be true to say I live in a well organised chaotic way.

I can do numerous things at the same time – multi-tasking holds no fears (I’m the sort of person who has 5 sessions of internet explorer open at once and several tabs going on each session.  In fact I’ve been known to have my facebook account open in two different tabs, carry on a chat on one and play games on the other…. but I digress). 

However my efficiency in all areas is decreasing because I seem to be everyone elses fall back position.  You know the thing..

“I can’t find my shoes”

“Where are the girls swimming things”

“There’s no more milk”

“Who do I send the invoice to”

“What do I do about this”

And the point is – I just do it.  I answer the questions, find the socks, tell them what to do, buy the milk and probably send the bloody invoice myself.  I justify it to myself by saying that in an incredibly busy day its just quicker and easier to do it myself, rather than explain (possibly for the 8th time) how it should be done, where to find it etc.

And everyone thinks I’m indispensable.

And the thing is, its not doing me – or them – any good.  My life gets more and more chaotic as I try to fit more and more stuff in and frankly somethings got to give……

So I need to learn to teach the people in my life – husband, family, colleagues, friends – to be more self sufficient.  To stand on their own two feet and not just assume that I will do things.  To do that I need to take time to explain things to them (again!) and then I think I just need to assume that they have listened to me (*) and let them get on with it.

I wonder where the greatest chaos will ensue….. home…. or work?

* – this is an ongoing bone of contention particularly in the Chaotic Household where things have to be repeated sometimes up to 3 times a day, daily for several days and written on the Family Weekly Whereabouts sheet (pinned to the fridge!) before sometimes it goes in.  This has nothing to do with Mr Bs mental abilities or even his hearing abilities – but everything to do with his listening ability.


About mylifeschaotic

Frazzled mum of two with stressful full time job. Love kids, job's stimulating, but often wonder how I got to here from carefree singleton
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